Fun to own. Fun to drive. Fun to hang out in. That’s what a car is all about. No matter how the world changes, there’s one thing that will never change: the passion we feel for our cars. At Nissan, we share that passion. To achieve a sustainable mobility society , we’re working to develop “green” technologies, including clean diesels, efficient internal-combustion engines, and hybrids. Now that passion has brought forth a true breakthrough. Nissan LEAF. A car powered by 100% electricity . A car that uses no gasoline and produces zero CO 2 emissions. The key to the future of driving. Nissan LEAF.

On The Road

New Electric Vehicle Platform

Built on a newly developed platform with the battery centrally mounted below the floor, Nissan LEAF boasts impressive maneuvering stability. At the same time, body rigidity has been enhanced to minimize vibrations and ensure a smooth, quiet ride. Compact laminated battery modules make possible a roomy, flexible layout with enough space for five adults.

Sleek aerodynamic design

Contributes to enhanced quietness and power efficiency: The headlamp lens covers are designed to redirect airflow to reduce wind noise. The flat bottom surface of the large flat floor cover maximizes aerodynamic performance.

Lithium-ion battery

To ensure reliability, the Nissan LEAF’s large-capacity lithium-ion battery uses manganese positive electrode material, a plentiful resource that has a stable crystal structure. The battery cells are laminated to simplify the structure and optimize cooling capability . The battery cells are also modularized, making possible a roomier cabin and affording excellent maneuvering stability.

Battery Charging

No more visits to the gas station. When your Nissan LEAF is charged in Normal Charging mode overnight, it will be fully charged in the morning so you can start driving right away. There’s also a Quick Charging mode.

Photovoltaic solar-panel spoiler

A solar-panel spoiler (SL trim only) converts sunlight into energy. It assists in charging the 12-V accessory battery that runs certain accessory functions.

Charge status light

It’s your quick visual read, fully charged or charging? 1,2, or 3 lights on and you’re charging. Lights off, you’re good to go.

Regenerative braking system

Did you know that every time you slow down you’re generating power? Produced by a regenerative braking system, that power is then stored in the Nissan LEAF battery. Choosing to drive in Eco mode increases the use of regenerative braking and can help extend your range by up to 10% in certain driving situations.

Get Inside

Electric shift (with Eco mode)

Effortlessly switch the unique drive selector to the dedicated Eco mode for your most efficient power usage. Maximizing your drivable range by limiting motor output, increasing regenerative braking and cutting back on the air conditioning or heating, Eco mode can improve range up to 10% in certain conditions.

Auto Speed Control Device (ASCD)

Controling the speed of your journey is made easy - and easily accessable. Right at your fingertips. The auto speed control device is located on the steering wheel.

Twin Digital Meter

A two-tiered meter layout shows you everything you need to know to drive ecologically, as well as battery charging status and regeneration status. The easy to understand Eco Indicator, Power Meter and other multi-information meters are a glance away.

Electric Vehicle Information System

The center cluster display helps you manage trips and optimize performance, while the timer lets you get your Nissan LEAF ready for the next trip.

Passive Safety Features

The Nissan Advanced Air Bag System incorporate seat belt sensors and an occupant-classification sensor to inflate the dual -stage supplemental front air bags according to crash severity and seat-belt usage. Nissan LEAF also has driver and front-passenger seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags. And roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags for front- and rear-seat outboard occupant head protection.

Versatile storage

Sure it’s electric, but is it versatile inside? Who knows what you’ll want to bring? Convenient 60/40 split folding rear seats fit your friends or fold down flat, giving you a roomy storage surface for plenty of cargo options.

Charging cable with storage bag

For optimised convenience, The charging cable can be stored in this compact bag and secured in the luggage space.

Luggage Room

Two 9-inch golf bags can be comfortably accommodated without having to fold down the 6:4-split rear seat. Loads of convenience. Loads of space.

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